by In Repair

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Produced and Recorded by In Repair
Mixed and Additional Production by Bradley Torrison
Mastered by Crazy Daisy Productions


released December 6, 2012

All songs written by In Repair: Mike Wise, David Petz, Eric Holton, Jarrett Croft and Dave Talmadge.
Except for Car Crashes and Cancer, written by David Petz, Larry Archuleta and Mike Wise



all rights reserved


In Repair Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Consent To Treatment
Vs 1
Made an agreement
Consent to treatment
I'm helpless it seems
Handing over everything

Chorus 1
The sickness spreads to every cell
Please diagnose me make me well

Vs 2
My blood turns caustic
Mass of contusions
Needing transfusion

Chorus 2
The sickness spreads to every cell
Please diagnose me make me well
My death is imminent it's true
The only hope I have is you

Primum non nocere
In your hands my life I lay
Primum non nocere
Under your care I will stay

Repeat Chorus 2
Track Name: Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Vs 1
I won't survive without you
You're my tonic so hypnotic
You won't see this through
I'm determined to wait you out

Lately I've been
chasing my own tail
Illusions persist I can't resist
I must never fail
I'm determined to wait you out

I wanna know
where your steps fall
they take you away
take you far away and I wanna know
why do I always follow
You're leading me astray
I always follow you

Vs 2
Over and over
Round and round we go
I give chase but your gaining ground till
I get vertigo
I'm determined to wait you out
Match your movements
Synchronize my will
Beg and plead and get on my knees but
You deny me still
I'm determined to wait you out


...and so it begins our cautionary tale, when we find we're addicted not to that which we pursue but to the pursuit itself

repeat chorus
Track Name: Square Peg, Round Soul
Vs 1
I'm not very
Color outside
Lines that confine

So here I am my soul laid bare
I don't belong I should beware
I'll never fit and I don't care
My life's in repair
I'll fold my hands and offer up my prayer

Vs 2
Square peg round soul
Life takes it's toll
This world threatens
To make me like them

Repeat chorus 2x
Track Name: A Girl Named Someday
Vs 1
Victim of happenstance
Just stumbling in the dark
Is my life nothing more
than the sum of all it's parts

Another day has ended
and night has covered up my scars
I keep my hopes and my dreams
locked here inside my battered heart
They're locked up here inside my heart

Vs 2
Hope in my left hand
In my right I carry fear
Eyes on the promise
That I know is near

There is a girl that I know
though I don't even know her name
She softly sings to my soul
She is my shelter from the rain
She gives me shelter from the rain

Life's breaking down on me
Sometimes I feel like I wasting away
At night when I can't sleep
I say a prayer for a girl name Someday.

Repeat Chorus 2x
Track Name: Still
Vs 1
Sitting on a bar stool
Feeling sorry for myself
Staring in the mirror
Wishing I was someone else

Time takes the sting
but leaves the ache

The past is a nuisance
it's a hard thing to ignore
It will bring you to your knees
leave you begging for more

The last year hasn't changes us
it's the same thing as before
You still hold your head high
I'm still looking at the floor
You're still waving goodbye
I'm still walking out that door

Vs 2
Can't help but remember
Every single word we said
Every broken promise
Every cold night in our bed

Time takes the sting
but leaves the ache

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Twenty-Six
The pain is mostly gone
all that's left is a constant ache
I must admit I'm surprised
at how much of this I could take
When you died you died without a goodbye
and I started to slide into my hiding place
The years keep passing by
I still feel I'm trying to keep the pace

It was a cold day in August
I never thought it would end this way
Your life held such promise
Till August stole you away

Vs 2
I'm all grown up now
but your forever 26
If we could see the end
is this the future you'd have picked
Well we watched you live your carcrash life
speeding out of control at least it was over quick
I know I'll see you again
till then I've got a life to live
my life to live

Repeat Chorus

You've gone away 3x
I'll see you again, I'll see you again someday.


If we could see the end
is this the future you'd have picked?
Track Name: Better Than Me
I look up
at a burning sky
Search for hope
with transparent eyes
I falter while you spy

Watch while my life's on display
while I act out my passion play
Go on and judge what you see
Since you could do better than me

Vs 2
I'm ashamed
of my sordid past
Don't know how
This will ever last
You watch behind the glass

Chorus 2x

Now it's your chance
I'll sit back and watch you dance
And then you'll see
that you can't do better than me
Track Name: Enemy
Vs 1
Misery loves company
except the beast inside of me

Enemy 4x

Vs 2
How bout another sleepless night
Don't think that I've the strength to fight


Everyone has an enemy inside of them
Everyone needs a reason to wake up again
All we want is to trust that we are not alone
All we want is to feel home

Track Name: Upside Down
Vs 1
Look into your face of stone
as you sit on your liars throne
Cannot fathom past this chasm
Look into your face of stone

Chorus 1
You so emphatically play enigmatic
we cannot find our common ground
This deafening silence is louder than sound
don't know which way is up when your holding me down
Our present condition just leads to more friction
must search for a way to get out
Choke when I feel myself starting to drown
I'm all turned around

Vs 2
Stare into the approaching void
Soon our world will be destroyed
Anticipation confrontation
stare into the approaching void

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
When I'm upside down
Upside down
I'm all turned around when I'm upside down
Upside down

Vs 3
Look into your face of stone
as you sit on your liars throne
Stare into the approaching void
Soon our world will be destroyed

Chorus 1 and 2
Track Name: Identity
Vs 1
I thread the needle
sew the tableaux to my skin
lace up the seam
hide authenticity within

With my mask in place
I can hide behind a wall
I'm safe inside
you don't know me at all

Chorus 1
I wear this mask
for the world to see
Inside I hide
hoping to be free
And no one knows
who I long to be
I've lost my sense
of identity

Vs 2
Look in the mirror
I don't recognize my face
Look all around me
can't help but feel I've been misplaced
Look to the sky
and hope that God is on his throne
Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
I tear this mask
rip out the seam
I'm coming home
I'm coming clean
It's time to share
who I'm supposed to be
I will not hide
my identity
Track Name: Car Crashes and Cancer
Vs 1
that's what they tell you when your young
Just believe
and make sure your faith is strong
I've seen some things
that have shook me to the core
and while I still have faith
I feel my very soul's been torn out of me

Somewhere between car crashes and cancer
Faith and doubt become one
I'm still searching for the answer
the battle rages on

Vs 2
Just believe
and yes I think that I still do
I still believe
even when there's no sign of you
I hold firm
to my fragile faltered faith
even when I know
this world offers me no safety at all


Oh God why can;t your comfort
Feel as good as the whiskey in this glass
I've left a barren wasteland
behind me in my past